Friday & Saturday Knight Jedi Knight Gaming

The Jedi Council is opening up Friday or Saturday nights, or both depending on your schedule to play Jedi Knight Outcast, and the all new Jedi Knight Academy if you have it.

A telephone with a headset is a must, so we can stay in communications while fragging each other, or against the bots in the games.

All we need to do to get a game going is to get my IP address the night of the games, and then we will initiate a conference telephone call.
The best time for me to start is between 6:30 and 7 PM.
Details of that will be in a PM from YotaTech, or from an email.
So either PM me, or drop me an email.

Here is a  tip to make the game more fun.
When at the main screen where you see the setup page, push shift & tilde keys on your keyboard.
This will drop down the console.
Once inside, type in this:
bind x screenshot silent
x equals a key you setup to take a screenshot in the game.
I use the letter k as other letters may be assigned to a control for your movement or weapons.
The silent command prevents you from seeing text in the upper left corner saying you just took a screenshot, and causes the game to not freeze for a second while doing so.

Lets the games begin!